Warmahordes: A game I want to not suck at

You know you are turning into a legit gamer when you find yourself venturing into miniature wargaming. My gaming hobby has become a little bit more in-depth in the last couple of years, but one thing that has eluded me thus far is the finer points of Warmachine. I love the figs (miniatures), I enjoy […]

How to get your girl to game with you

I’ve been told by my Husband that I’m a unicorn: a girl that loves gaming. For guys that think they’ll never find a girl who loves boardgaming just remember I didn’t always have this somewhat expensive addiction. While I’ve always been a self-proclaimed nerd, I was never overly drawn to board games. (Though I have […]

International Tabletop Day

To celebrate International Tabletop Day, our gaming group broke out two new games: Space Cadets and Colt Express. Colt Express is a fun, light-hearted filler game. It can play 2-6, but it’s definitely more fun the more players you have. Players take turns scheming to steal loot from the passengers. Each player starts each round […]

Gaming terminology

For the uninitiated, I wanted to take a moment and explain some of the various gaming terms and mechanics. As my husband introduced me to board gaming, I learned quickly what type of games I enjoyed, but I didn’t realize for a bit that there were certain mechanics and themes I was gravitating towards until […]

Game Review: Arabian Nights

The Game: Arabian Nights Tales is, at its heart, a story-telling, choose your own adventure game. The basic game play is simple: you pick a hero or heroine, pick your personal path to victory, and then move to various locations on the board to have encounters. Those encounters lead to some interesting choices, and your choices […]

Countdown to Gen Con 2016

We already have our 4 day pass for Gen Con. This will be my second trip, and I am already saving up my hard-earned cash in anticipation! One of the games I am really excited about is Seafall I absolutely loved Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 and I am really looking forward to a a new game with the […]

My Game List

A fairly comprehensive look at our growing game shelf (pre Gen Con 2016) 7 Wonders Star Wars: Imperial Assault Star Wars: Rebellion Star Wars: X-Wing Star Wars: Armada Mistfall King’s Forge Mistfall Vitaculture/Tuscany Codenames Dungeon Petz/Dark Alleys Blueprints Stars are Right Space Alert / Space Alert: New Frontiers Eight-Minute Empire Rise to Power Zen Garden […]